Monday, October 04, 2004

Is it really mission we chase?

Tonight I'm doing my second class of the fall term at Kellogg (Northwestern University's Management School). The topic: Mission----

These students don't miss a thing, and I'm anticipating some good questions on mission, which led to some musings:

Is it really mission we pursue, or is it funds that we rationalize are doing mission? Sometimes I wonder, and I certainly remember my times as an ED when we were looking for survival money. The mission rationalization was pretty weak....

Do we keep mission front and center, or just on the wall? How often do we talk about mission in our regular staff and board meetings? Do we ever use it as a rationale to do or even more important, not to do, something?

Are strong missions an enabler of success? Do they, in CollinsSpeak, get us from being Good to Great?

Hmmmmm. Should be an interesting evening.

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