Thursday, October 07, 2004

Back from the city of the dead

Just spent two days in Atlantic City, doing training. Talk about a walk in the past. No access to the net at the hotel (the Sands; NEVER go there), incredibly tacky, old, decor---put it this way---in most hotels, I walk around barefoot in my room, even down the hall to get ice.....not there.

I did get one reminder about a great resource for you. First, the group that I taught on business development was great--always fun to work with good people. Two or three have already used TechSoup, and two others raved about an "old"resource that I was reminded about " For nonprofits, Xerox will send you a high end printer for free--as long as you buy your printer ink cartridges from them.

These organizations have cut their printing costs and expanded their marketing materials dramatically because of this program.

Worth checking out -- and checking out faster than I checked out of the Sands. guh...

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