Saturday, October 16, 2004

Home again...

Writing from home for the first time in....far too long. In the past 30 days, I've been in New Hampshire, Houston, central Missouri, Evanston IL , Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, St. Louis, Atlantic City, Seattle, Couer d'Alene, Denver, and San Antonio. Now I have 10 days here...nice to sleep in my own bed.

I met and worked with some terrific people, and renewed friendships with many others. As always, I am struck by the diversity of the work that nonprofits do, the energy and enthusiasm that staff and volunteers bring to their work, and the incredible benefits that accrue to our society as a result.

Small notes from the road.....

Did you know that all of the Army's new uniforms are being made by nonprofits that employ people with disabilities?

Or that document shredding is now a $1.5 billion industry? (this work is also done by people with disabilities both for the government and private sector firms.

Or that 400 lb. people shouldn't be allowed to sit in the middle seat of a three seat airliner row, particularly if they haven't bathed for at least a week?

Or that a Boeing 737 can fly with an access panel the size of a dessert plate missing from the top of its port (left) engine? (last night's flight from San Antonio to Chicago)

Or that all the taxi drivers I had on my trips are voting for Bush? (I ask everyone - this includes on driver born in Iran, two in Iraq, and all three from Africa) If the "cabbie" vote is crucial, the Bushies can relax.

Going to my daughter's high school's homecoming football game today. How All-American is that?

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