Sunday, October 10, 2004

Fish for thought.....

Yesterday, I was in the Pike Place Market in Seattle, at the fish stall that inspired "FISH" , the top selling management book. Watching the fish guys wrap an entire crowd around their fingers WAS fun, WAS a good experience, WAS a choice that the fish guys made.

And, of course, that enthusiasm spreads to other stalls up and down the market. The Vegetable guy snapped every paper bag open dramatically as he helped each customer, and engaged in gentle joking with his fellow vendors. The flower stalls were full of fun, with the sellers telling people how good they would look with a beautiful bouquet.

(By the way, if you haven't been there and you like flowers --- have to go if you are ever in the area...the most incredible flowers ever for the lowest price imaginable)

But, back to the point, good attitude and fun is spreads. The fish sellers have a smelly, cold, blah job. They sell fish. They've turned it into a fun, community event. A tourist attraction for heaven's sake. And their attitude has made this entire market a more engaging place for everyone.

See what a little smile can start?


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