Friday, October 08, 2004

A cheaper way to take credit cards

Michelle Johnston, from the Center for Civic Partnerships in Sacramento gave me a headsup on this one from the current issue of TechSoup's "By the Cup", which I get but hadn't read.

If you want to accept credit cards for donations (as I have been urging here and elsewhere) Techsoup has some real deals for you on the credit card machines, the receipt printer, etc. This was made possible by a donation from Verifone.

Here's the skinny:
For detailed information on this offering, visit:

Learn more on the benefits of credit card processing to
nonprofits from NPC and Verifone:

Read "Online Donations: Sorting Out the Chaos":

And a big shout-out to Michelle for the info!

Off to the left coast to see Ben in Seattle, then to Idaho and Houston to do training. Home in a week...for nearly two weeks straight. Sounds wonderful.

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