Tuesday, September 07, 2004

There is hope.....

I spent a delightful lunch Friday with my son Adam and three of his college peers in Ann Arbor. During my conversations with them, I was reminded how much these young people volunteer in their communities. It was the same for my son Ben and his friends at WashU in St. Louis, and also for my daughter Caitlin and her high school friends. We ARE growing a new generation of volunteers and nonprofit activists.

But we have to keep them interested once they graduate from high school and/or college. And put simply, this means being online. I've ranted about this before, but if your organization does not have everything a potential volunteer would want to know available on your website--you are losing volunteers.

These young people are a tremendous resource for us, if we can tap into ways to use them. Think about it, and think about it hard. An upcoming issue of my newsletter will deal with this generational topic.

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