Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Red Cross needs us....

Truth in advertising, Part 1 : I provided CPR training for our Red Cross Chapter here in Springfield for years.

Truth in advertising, Part 2: I was a loud and long critic of the Red Cross after the terrorist attacks in 2001. They screwed up, and screwed up badly.

But, like all good organizations, they were self-critical, learned from their mistakes and fixed what was broken. And now, the Red Cross, and the people in Florida, Grenada, Jamaica need some help. If you have not already donated time, money or goods through your place of worship, local disaster relief organization, or other charity, consider donating to the Red Cross. You can target your donation for disaster relief.

It's been a long month of hurricanes, and the next week bodes ill for everyone in need. Help where you can.


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