Friday, September 10, 2004

Addicted to (Dependent on) Technology

Sooooo, I found out last night that my 4-year-old road warrior Dell laptop most likely has a fried mother board. I am in mourning for my old friend and travel partner, trying to do the math about getting it fixed versus getting a replacement, which is a question of speed of fix as much as of cost, and considering my near panic at not having a laptop on the road the next few weeks if I go for the fix. Imagine. I might have to be without email every 3-6 hours for two or three days at a time....gads.

Every summer, our family goes to a family camp in rural New Hampshire where we are offline for at least a week and sometimes two. No TV's, no papers. And its all good. This year, however, some idiot put in a wireless network, and we could check our email in our cabin. I grieved.

So why am I so worked up about being partially offline now? Will the world stop if I am offline? Are my clients so dependent on me, and are their problems life or death crises? Will my business fold if I don't answer an email in an hour? No, No, No, No, and no.


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