Friday, September 03, 2004

Finally, some good news on nonprofits

At last. We get good press. Over the past couple of days, I've seen stories in a number of papers with headlines such as "Nonprofits Put Lessons Learned to Good Use", and "Charities get it Right". What a breath of fresh air. The stories are all about the incredibly agile and prompt response that various relief agencies had in helping the people affected by Hurricane Charley in Florida three weeks ago. It's nice to see the press notice when people do stuff right. Here's an example.

Now another storm is bearing down on Florida. News stories? Yep, and pretty good. Here's one.

The moral of the story? Remember to help the media with stories about what you do right. Don't just shut them out. Reach out and show them human interest stories about how your organization is doing good works in your community.

Here's some great stuff on Media and Public Relations from Putnam Barber's Free Management Library

Have a good weekend. I will. Family reunion in Seattle!

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