Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Back on the Road

A lot of my time, particularly in the September-December and March-June timeframes, is spent on the road speaking to groups of nonprofits about their operations, management, or marketing. I always find these sessions a mix of invigorating, as I get to talk to people who are "in the trenches" and doing an amazing job with far too few resources, and depressing, since the organizations have to make do with those paltry resources.

But tomorrow, I talk about Mission-Based Marketing, a topic that I really love, and one that can affect the entire organization. I'll be speaking to the United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast in Houston, and then going to central Missouri to do a private presentation on Leadership for the Deaconness Foundation.

One of my original hopes with this blog was to give you immediate feedback about great organizations that I see on the road. Now, finally, after a month of blogging, I get to do that!

Next week's trip: Chicago to start my fall teaching at Kellogg School of Management, and a presentation in Lake Tahoe!

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