Saturday, September 18, 2004

A mission-based for-profit

Just back from three days in the New Hampshire Woods. Ahhhhhh. No laptop (fried motherboard), no cell phones (well, almost) no newspapers. Just some very important work on the board of a place I truly love: a family camp called Rockywold-Deephaven (RDC for short) ; a for-profit that is mission-based.

RDC is a closely held stockholding corporation where mission and money mix very closely. As a board member, it is almost surreal to hear people talking about how important mission is at this for-profit, but that we have to make money too. Our mission is (somewhat paraphrased): to protect our environment, serve our guests, provide value to our shareholders, provide a respectful and growing environment for our employees, and to help our community.

Sound familiar? If you change one word: "Shareholder", to "stakeholder", this could be the mission statement of lots of nonprofits. Perhaps you would change "guest" to "client", or "patient", or " student", but it still is pretty close.

Today we had the shareholder meeting. Most of our shareholders are also long-term guests, some who have been coming for more than 40 summers. They marvel at how we mix mission and money, and I want to scream from the back of the room---so should your charities at home!

Anyway, after 4 days offline, I'm back on, and better for the being gone!


die4-peace said...

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Dthealy said...

I am a frequent guest of RDC and was wondering-how does one become a RDC shareholder??

Peter Brinckerhoff said...

Diane, just contact the RDC main office, talk to John or Kathy and get your name on a list of people interested in becoming shareholders. They'll match you up with potential sellers.
Good luck,

dthealy said...

Thank you Pete, just got back from there, enjoying the very last week of the season. Loved it there since 1981 and would love to be a part of it.