Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Go Fish

I run a set of book clubs for managers of community rehabilitation organizations around the country. Each month we read a book, and then discuss it on a conference call, and through a listserve. I have two books to read each month, one for an "Advanced Leader" section and one for mid-managers that we call "Emerging Leaders". And, I read a lot of other management books to see what we can add to our list.

One that I just finished (it takes about three whole hours to read) is the book many of you may have read called "Fish!" the motivational book about the Pike Street Fish Market in Seattle. The book is short, a fast read, and well done. Duh on me. That's why it's a best seller!

Anyway, it reminded me yet again that we all make choices every day. I make the choice about what attitude to bring to work (a major theme of the book). I make the choice about what attitude to have with my family. I make the choice about whether or not to stick to my diet. (As a friend who has struggled with her weight once told me: "No one ever put anything in my mouth but me.")

Are there outside influences on our choices? Sure. The traffic is backed up, our boss in a jerk, I got wet in the rainstorm. But if we choose to take those influences out on our family, friends, and co-workers, guess what? They didn't cause the traffic or the rain, so why should they bear the brunt of our attitude. We punish the people who are most important to us for something they not only didn't do, but may not even know about.

Enough. I will struggle harder to make better choices. Hope you will too.


David said...

Peter....just ordered FISH (and FISH TALES - the sequel)...amazon makes this way too easy....thanks for the heads up...David

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