Sunday, February 11, 2007

Save some unemployment tax money!

This came across my screen recently and looks like something you should check out if your nonprofit has employees, and you want to save some money. Does that sound like you?

The organization is called the 501(c) Agencies Trust, and it works to reduce the expense of unemployment insurance for nonprofits. A nonprofit itself, the Trust is governed by a board of trustees representing large nonprofits from throughout the nation.

From the website:

"Unemployment Program for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits have saved millions of dollars over the years by participating in the 501(c) Agencies Trust. Last year alone, members saved nearly $30 million, money that was available for valuable service programs instead of paying unemployment costs.

A 1972 federal law gives nonprofit employers the option of reimbursing the state for actual unemployment claims rather then participating in the State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) program.

The 501(c) Agencies Trust has been helping nonprofits exercise this option with a secure, cost-effective alternative since 1982."

I'd give this a look!


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