Friday, February 02, 2007

Pre-book buzz...

With my new book on generation change coming out next month, I've been speaking on the subject and have been asked about best practices in the area. Interestingly, there really aren't a lot.

My consulting on this issue has led me to develop some metrics of my own about retirement plans, benefits, board and staff age diversity, websites, marketing materials, technology use, planning, etc., etc., etc.

Really, everything on the manager's plate now needs to be viewed generationally, and my problem as a consultant has been to view it ONLY that way, and not get into the my other 25 years of experience....and add things on and on and on to my recommendations that have to do with general good management and stewardship practices rather than just limit myself to just the generation specific stuff. Yet, if I see a problem and don't bring it up, I feel like I'm committing malpractice....hmmm.

I'm also pretty excited about the reaction to the book so far. A TON of pre-publication orders are in...more than with my other books by far. And everyone seems to get this issue.

Funny, too. I've been perseverating over the cover. Fieldstone has been nice enough to let me have significant input into the decision making process, as they did for the paper marketing piece. Today a friend pointed out that in the book I say this....

"What about that expensive brochure you just wasted your money on-because the teens you need to reach are too busy with MySpace and text-messaging to read your glossy money pit?"

My response was that the paper marketing piece is for boomer execs who still control all the money!

And, two different people told me today that they are giving speeches on generational issues.

Seems this is on everyone's mind.

As it should be. It's a huge, huge issue for the sector.


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