Saturday, February 10, 2007


Got to check something off my life list this to see someone declare his candidacy for President. Barack Obama.

How could Chris and I not go? Here, in Lincoln's hometown (who Obama referred to as "another tall, gangly Springfield lawyer"), how could you sit by when history was being made right down the street?

Besides, I really like the guy.

How was it? Cool....actually it was really, really, REALLY cold. Wind chill was below zero when we got there to stand for about an hour before Obama spoke. But the crowd was excited, friendly, and it must have been a few degrees warmer all packed in together.

Within hearing range, there were people from Arizona, Indiana, lots from Chicago, St. Louis, Maryland. All who made the trek to stand out on a freezing winter day to hear a man who gives them hope.

That's what's so great about democracy. Even at my age, with a lifetime of cynicism and disappointment in candidates resting on my bones, a new campaign can still bring hope.

Back to the nonprofit world in the next post.

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