Friday, February 09, 2007

Give your Treasurer a break

It happened again. An email from a nonprofit board treasurer asking how she could graciously get out of her job...."I've been on three nonprofit boards in the past 15 years, and because I'm a CPA everyone ASSUMES that I want to be treasurer. I understand their assumption, but I'm sick of it. Been there; done that...three times! Is this a problem on every nonprofit board?"

Sadly yes, and for many its worse than that. Sometime you're like the Pope-you have the job for life. Why? Because it takes a few years to really figure out what the organization's finances are all about, and the board counts on the treasurer to be the trusted interpreter. So, once you invest the time, they want you to stay.

They could give you help. And this is what I told my email the link to see the full answer. As you'll see, it doesn't help her much, but it can help your organization. I also told her to simply give a year's notice....and find a deputy treasurer ASAP.

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TZ said...

Peter, I can totally relate to your post on treasurer. I'm a chairman of a nonprofit board, and our treasurer's term is over. He can't wait to get out (counting the days), and none of the nominees accepted the nominations.

Thanks for the tips.. We just decided to establish a finance committee.. so, your tip on "training" as a service of the committee came just in time.

I'll write about our experience soon on my Leadership Bliss blog.