Monday, November 27, 2006

Thankful and full

Back on the road today (after a terrific Thanksgiving visit with two of my three kids) for my last Kellogg class of the year (sniff!). Talking tonight on performance measurement, sharing the lecture time with Janet Froescher of United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, who is doing amazing things and, in my view, re-inventing the UW business/effectiveness model.

Then, I'm off to Connecticut to do three sessions for the annual conference of the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits in Hartford. Some on generation change, some on leadership and decision making.

Over the break, in addition to being thankful, I worked on my full day presentation on my new book (tentatively) titled Generations: The Challenge of A Lifetime for Nonprofits. It's due out in early March. I'll post about the book in more detail as the publication date gets closer.

And, four more pod casts go up online this week. More about that tomorrow or the next day.

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