Monday, November 13, 2006

Put your money where your mouth is....

I waited a few weeks to post this:, the online microlending site, got hammered, a good hammered, but hammered nonetheless with a huge volume of hits, after they were featured on "Frontline in a great piece. You can see it here.

I think that the Kiva folks are really on to something here. They take the best of p2p, and the best of micro-lending, add in a little social networking, and all of a sudden you have a terrific way to help an individual help themselves.

Check out Kiva...and tell your friends. You can even put together a group and all lend to the same small business person...

Great stuff.

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Tim (volunteer with said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the post on Kiva. The response to the Frontline documentary has completely humbled us. It also reminds us that there are many compassionate people out there, just looking for the right conduit. And people have helped out in so many ways: getting involved as a lender, blogging about this initiative or putting up a small graphic/permanent link on their sites. Thanks for the support!

Tim (volunteer with