Saturday, December 02, 2006

Conflict of Interest

Two days of rain, wind, ice, snow, very cold, all a week after a 70 degree day. Welcome to winter.

More importantly, my December newsletter is available online. This month's topic is "Conflict of Interest."

Interestingly, I had scheduled the topic for the December issue some months ago, and then coincidentally got hit with a number of inquiries at training gigs in the past three weeks, including a board president who told me that he didn't really understand why there was all the fuss about conflict statements, and one ED who said her board was resisting signing the statement she had developed.

Ugh. This is a must-have for all nonprofits in today's environment, and I urge you not only to have a conflict of interest statement for your board and staff, but also to post it right on the front of your website. Be transparent here, too.

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