Sunday, March 06, 2005

Group giving

As regular readers know, I am not a fund-raiser/development person, but I do like great ideas in giving.

One such idea is SO 21st century--since it is about groups. Seattle's Social Venture Partners sponsors over 20 giving circles worldwide. These are wonderful since the groups focus on a specific social problem, and the circle members pool their money and their smarts to decide which nonprofits get money, how much, and for what approach to solve the problem.

This is more of a great trend for donors to become very involved with their money, one that I applaud, although I know it makes some execs and development execs moan and roll their eyes.

For more on giving circles, go to

For an recent article in BusinessWeek (actually the article that reminded me of this) go to this article

You might think about starting a giving circle in your community, or based around an issue that you really care about.

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