Thursday, March 03, 2005

Core Competence--or focus on what you do well

Had a great trip to MD. Wonderful audiences, and a big shout out to the Maryland Nonprofit staff, particularly Jill, for taking such good care of me.

Core competence is so important. I was reminded of this on the flight home when I got into a conversation with my seatmate about nonprofits that he volunteers for. He noted again how one of them does so much for so many people and does nothing "really well" and how the other nonprofit does a few things, but "all with excellence". The first NP grows faster, the second slower. The first says yes to everyone and the second says no to a lot of people.

His question: which is better? My answer: the second nonprofit will probably be around a lot longer--but either way, they are doing the right thing-focusing on what they do well. Don't the people we serve deserve only the best, and not just the adequate?

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Anonymous said...


What a great two days attending your workshops in Silver Spring and Baltimore, MD! Hope you continue to mend you ankle/foot quickly and without additional problems.

When you get a chance, can you discuss effective ways to change the stubborn mindset of leaders (CEO's and Boards)in secular and religious charitable organizations to open to the many great ideas you bring to the table based upon your experience?

Thanks again, Ken