Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What now?

OK, election over. What do we need to do now as nonprofit managers? What does the election mean for nonprofits?

I see three things to prepare for, all of which can be bundled into four words: "MORE OF THE SAME."

First, the federal deficit will continue to grow, at least for the next four years. Thus no more help for most nonprofits from that end, and a decay in social security which will lead to more trouble down the road.

Second, PROBABLY a renewed focus on faith - based groups, at least from the federal level.

Third, the Senate MAY really come at us hard when it convenes in January. So pay attention.

If you supported Bush/Cheney, congratulations. If you didn't, I urge you to do what I am trying to do: move on. Let's do our part to end the bitter partisanship.

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