Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Philanthropic Revival...and pdf

Two great resources showed up this morning. The more esoteric is this excellent and very interesting article by William Schambra that is going to appear in the Nonprofit Quarterly soon. It's about the need for grass roots activism and the changes in the nonprofit sector. Good reading, worth your 20 minutes.

That's for the higher end of your mind.

On the more mundane, but very practical end, all of us see .pdf formatted files all the time, and we read them with Adobe Reader, which is free. But what about saving Word, or WordPerfect, or Excel files in .pdf format? That takes Adobe software which is expensive.

Until now. Virtual PDF Printer is free software that converts the files, and allows others to read them with a .pdf reader.

A great resource if you don't need the other features and benefits of Adobe software.

So, download the Printer, and then read the article.

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