Saturday, November 27, 2004

Business Development for Nonprofits

I continue to be amused and concerned by the debate over whether not-for-profits should be businesslike.

Well of course they should. IF, and only IF the mission remains the main thing....and that is not a contradictory statement. Operating efficiently, reviewing your financial and social bottom line, measuring outcomes, all those things are good well as being good business. Or is it good business and good mission? See what I mean?

Being more business oriented does not need to reduce the passion you have for your mission. It just means adding more tools, more resources, to the things you bring to bear as you try to get the most, best mission out the door. For example, using marketing techniques can both attract more people to serve, as well as more donors and volunteers to contribute of their time, talent and treasure. Using good HR techniques can reduce the likelihood that you will wind up in court from an unhappy employee.

But what about the oldest quest in the business arena - a new business to bolster your income and your mission? I have worked with hundreds of organizations on such expansions, and have developed a great, free Business Development Tool to help you evaluate new service/business opportunities.

It's free, and it's the most visited part of my website. Check it out. And stay focused on your mission.

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