Friday, November 26, 2004

Tech to the rescue, but at what a cost....

OK, so here we are after the day we should be thankful (which I am, for many, many, MANY things), and the news is always full of stories of people in need, and people helping and all that feel good/bad stuff.

As regular readers know, I worry about the nonprofit sector and the people it serves a lot. How to meet the needs, how to pay for the needs, how to be fair to those REALLY in need versus the slackers who try to spoil it for everyone.....all that stuff rattles around in my bitty brain.

So this morning's news brought a combination of "Cool!" and "Ugh!" from the same story headline.


I dunno. At first, I thought, well good for them. I have a lot of nonprofit clients who sell donated goods on Ebay and do pretty well, but a city? A city known for its wonderful culture and arts? Can't fund it so it's auctioning off the good will of its people? Huh.

Then I remembered that Chicago, icon of the arts, has provided neither art nor music education in its public schools for years. How lame.

Well, if you like the arts, and want to support them in the Windy City, Ebay is your next stop.

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