Monday, January 18, 2010

More tech, more $ for Haiti

In yesterday's post, I noted that the majority of funds raised so far by international charities for Haiti relief had come online, as a reminder to all nonprofit s to make sure that they focus much of their fundraising online.

Today, the Chronicle of Philanthropy notes that, as of Friday, nearly $12M of the $150M received came through texting, "an unprecedented amount" according to the Chronicle.

Last night, I was watching an NFL playoff game and the announcers noted at least 4 times that viewers could donate $10 to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief simply by sending a text to 90999.

Wow. How many $10 donations went in right there and then?

And, I would put money on the fact that no 50 year old thought that up. Yet another reminder to empower your younger staff to get tech to help your mission.


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marketing and management said...

I think they can change a little bit, not just $10, can be $50 and $100 by sending different text.