Thursday, January 07, 2010

Are these really the big trends?

Being behind in a lot of things, I just picked up the December 10 issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, which lists their 10 Emerging Forces for the nonprofit sector in 2010. While most of the list, at least in my view, is rehashing of things that have been out there for a while, I was glad to see that they've highlighted the need for and increased use of volunteers (although I don't like their alliteration "Volunteers in vogue" sounds like it's just a trendy trend), and the fact that some boards may understandably stall their tech upgrades due to reduced revenues.

All of the trends make good reading and I'm sure at least 6 or 7 pertain to every single nonprofit out there.

In the same issue, the really bad news is the report on the sector from Bridgespan that notes that 97% of charities are feeling the effect of the recession and that more than 40% have laid off staff. These and all the other indicators (demand, funding, etc.) have all worsened since last year.

As we know, the nonprofit sector lags with recessions--and with rebounds. We go down later, go deeper, and come out last. So, what should nonprofits do? We'll talk about that a bit in the next post.

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