Sunday, April 08, 2007

Back and busy...

After a terrific week in southern Virginia, I'm back, and into the fray for the remainder of April and May. With drives of 790 miles each way, I had time to think about our sector quite a bit.

A couple of news notes:
-Arizona State has gotten a grant to study the different nonprofit educational resources in the US. This is great. Hopefully, we'll finally have a good listing of what is where and for whom.

-I was looking at the options for new banks in Virginia this week, and every one of them has a special checking account option (with no fees) for nonprofits. It's been so long since I've moved accounts that this may not be news to anyone reading this, but I thought it was a good thing--and a long way from the days 20 years ago, when banks really wanted nothing to do with charities..

-I'm pleased (and more than a bit humbled) that I've been given the chance to serve on the board of Goodwill International. I look forward to working with the great people that work there.

This week brings a no-hotel overnight trip to Seattle, a ton of work on a Generations Assessment, and a family trip to Boston.

Gotta go....

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