Thursday, August 18, 2005

Anticipating Customer Service Heaven

One thing I've learned with two kids in college is that things are JUST a bit different from when I was in school--when it was "Come in, sit down, shut up, pay your tuition, get an education and leave quietly."

Customer service, amazing customer service has been my experience at every school we've toured and at both of the schools my sons chose, WashU in St. Louis and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I hear the same refrain from parents of other students, and it is something that other nonprofits could work on.

Today, I'm in VA, heading to William and Mary and then tomorrow to Charlottesville to visit the University of Virginia with my daughter, Caitlin. But as we head out this morning, my anticipation of superb customer service is indicative of a big change. While the first few schools I looked at with Ben 6 years ago blew me away, now my expectation is that these places will be amazing. If they aren't, well, heck, what's wrong with them?

Customer's wants and expectations change. We need to pay attention.

And, I'll post after each visit. We'll see if they live up to my (probably unrealistically) high expectations.

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