Friday, August 19, 2005

And the winner is......

So I lied. I didn't post last night--we got in too late to Charlottesville.

Well, there are winners and there are winners in the customer service derby between William & Mary and UVA, but they really don't matter, since Caitlin really liked UVA and like W&M as much. And, I've made it clear that she's worked hard enough (as her brothers did) to get the right to choose the school she goes to...and thus my grading of a school on a customer service basis from one to seven really makes no difference.

But the little things....oooh. At UVA, we were told to go to a building and a room. When you came into the building there was no sign as to where the room was, no one to greet you, no info to page through (as there always have been at other schools--NOTE: I counted. These were my 12th and 13th college visits, so I have some perspective, although 10 of my other 11 were three or six years ago). So the lack of a greeter bugged me--would Caitlin be totally on her own the first few days. We didn't see an actual student room at either school, something that had never happened to me before. Were the rooms that awful?

And its the little things that people remember, and that they blog about. In truth, for Caitlin none of these things matter as much as her "vibe" about the place. Both are great universities with lots to offer and tons of talented students and faculty.

Something else to think about--what "vibe" do people get when they come to your organization?

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