Monday, June 06, 2005

Confessions of a tech addict....

OK, the tech addiction reared its ugly head again.

Last night, getting ready to head to Albany this morning, my cell phone failed. Got the nasty "Sim card inoperative" message on my screen, and I could actually feel the stress going up the back of my neck. God, what a junkie.

Understand that, on most trips, I use my phone to check messages at my office (of which there are very few in this era of constant emails) and to touch in with, and be available to, my family and my sister's group home staff. That's it. I am most certainly not one of the guys (in increasingly, women) that you see in airports with three phones, two pagers, and a PDA all going at once.

And yet, the thought of having to leave town for two days with no instant, immediate, in my pocket connectivity really got to me. I mean, I might have to use a pay phone (remember those?) or an actual hotel phone. Gads, what has my world come to.

How sad.

After about 15 minutes of walking around the house like a chicken, and checking my now dead phone about 5 times to see if the message had changed---silly me---my wife just said..."Calm DOWN, just take my phone with are welcome to it if it will chill you out."

Of course, she was right. This was most certainly NOT something to angst out over, and yet I did, even though I don't angst out over about 95% of what most other people do.

Is there a TA (techies anonymous) out there I can get help from?

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