Sunday, June 19, 2005

Book writing again....

Ohhh, I really like writing, and I really like writing books. In the long period between the end of writing one and the beginning of writing the next, I almost forget how cool it is.

I got cut loose by my publisher, Fieldstone Alliance (the former Wilder Publishing) a few weeks ago to get to some serious work on my new book, and it's......intense fun.

Not all of it is great, particularly the proof reading, and proof reading, and proof reading. Someone asked me a few years ago what I thought when I read a book I had written after it came out. I told her that, first, I didn't. By the time I'm done proofing them 3 times, I am so sick of what I've written I never want to sit down and actually read it through again. Second, when I actually DO scan or look at parts, I regularly say to myself, "I wrote that? Huh." Which is part poor memory, and part so much writing, but weird nonetheless.

Oh, this book is about all the impact generation change is having and will have on nonprofits. If it sounds boring and not too important to you, just wait. I've been thinking about this issue for about three years and it is HUGE. Trust me-you'll see.

I'll be posting bits from the book now and then as I put it together. Should have it to Fieldstone in January, and thus you can expect to see it out about a year later.

You can see info about my most recent book; Nonprofit Stewardship here.

And here is a link to all my other books: Mission-Based Management, Mission-Based Marketing, Financial Empowerment, Social Entrepreneurship, Faith-Based Management, and my two workbooks.

And to all you other dads...happy father's day!


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