Friday, May 06, 2005

Tick, Tick, Tick.....

I turned 53 Wednesday. Birthdays have NEVER bothered me, or even been particularly important to me. In fact, my wife had to remind me that mine was coming up.

This year, though, I am in the throes of reseaching a book on the issue of aging in the nonprofit sector, and all of its implications. As I've noted in previous posts, the Brits are concerned about older board members, and not getting enough new volunteers. Here, we have a retiring baby boom that will stress out a huge amount of our human services network, being new meaning to the term transition on our staff, and require a huge effort to accommodate.

We can accommodate it, of course. Then again we have no choice.

As I flew over yesterday (I'm in Emporia Kansas as I write this) I was just thinking more about it. Expect more posts as the work takes shape.

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Mark Connolly said...

Hi Peter -- wishing you a very Happy and Healthy Birthday and I hope you and your family are well :) Mark Connolly from PGHS