Sunday, May 01, 2005

Interesting week, good books.

Just realized how long it's been since I posted. Well, interesting week.

Had a terrific time in Fargo, talking to an annual statewide conference of providers of services to people with disabilities. What nice people, not only at the conference, but in the town in general. Great airport, too.

And, I got to pick up my son from UMich in Ann Arbor as part of that trip. Nice to have him home for about a month.

I'm really taken by my book club books this month. I'm just about done with the Contrarian's Guide to Leadership by Steven Sample. So much good stuff, clearly written, some mind-bending ideas. This is really a great read for anyone interested in leadership and new ways to think about it. For example, Sample provides a long well argued position that Machiavelli was not a bad guy--and not wrong, ethically huh?

Speaking of ethics, I'm just a quarter of the way into the second book, Ethical Ambition, by Derrick Bell. It has some really good "re-thinking of what you're doing" ideas.

But, it's Sunday, and the sun is out, so I may not get as much reading done as yardwork....

Last thing--keep track of what the Senate and House are doing. I use the Independent Sector to monitor events. This stuff is important to all of us!

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