Wednesday, January 05, 2005


So I'm out for my normal evening walk with my dog, and I did a dumb thing: I slipped and fell. And fell badly. And dislocated, as well as broke, my ankle. Ouch.

Off to the ER, where I had a customer service experience that ranged from hideous (the x-ray tech who continued to jerk around my literally flopping foot, even though I was "expressing my pain" audibly) to exquisite (Jan the nurse, and the ortho resident), and then went home. Home to wait 6-9 days (immobile) for the swelling to go down BEFORE I can have surgery to put plates, pins and any other hardware that's left around in the OR into my ankle.

Today, I'm slowly realizing what it's like to be disabled. Understand that I've worked with people with disabilities all my life; my sister is profoundly retarded and in a wheelchair, I strongly advocated for the ADA, so I KNOW all of this, but now, I get to experience it. Steps that were easy yesterday are nearly insurmountable today. The idea of traveling on a train (just how DO I up those steps?) or an airplane (must jam casted foot under seat in front of me...) give me pause, to say the least.

Hence I've slowed down my entire outlook on the next 8 weeks considerably. And, I realize yet again, how much I really need other people. I HATE depending on other people for physical/personal things. I always have. Now, I have to....Good lesson, I suppose.

Humble pie by the plateload, and it's good for me!

Check back here in a few days and see if my posts drool with boredom or generally seem stir crazy..if they do, send me a comment telling me to shape up!


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