Monday, January 10, 2005

Go, Go, Go......

I'm getting my of Friday, private citizens in the US have given $337 million just to American charities for tsunami relief, closing in on the GOVERNMENT's pledge of $350 million. This caused Colin Powell to reiterate his pledge that more will be coming (despite White House silence) Ha! Let's keep at it and , as I said in my post last week, do what the Brits did- embarrass their government through their own generosity to help more. Go, Go GO!

Here's a great list of good charities (not all American) from Google.

About the US charity notation above--if you gave to Doctor's Without Borders, or Ashoka, or some other foreign charity, good for you--but that didn't count in my $337 million number--so we have almost certainly given more than our government.....

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