Saturday, April 09, 2011

Social Media for Nonprofits--sign up today.

This is going to be awesome. Darien is amazing and his work is top flight.''

Check out the release...and if you're in or near one of these cities, it's a must go:

Social Media for Nonprofits
Facebook’s monthly audience recently surpassed 500 million, making it the third largest
country on the planet. The world is changing under our feet and the interactive,
community-driven information revolution is here to stay. What are the tools, tricks, and
triumphs of social media that serve as an integral and essential component of any
nonprofit’s mission in the 21st century?
Social Media for Nonprofits is a nationwide conference series produced by industry experts. Our
goal is equipping nonprofit professionals with the strategies, tools, and tactics needed for
success in today’s digital age. Panelists, presenters, partners, and sponsors will offer
actionable lessons from the frontlines of social change, and connect thousands of attendees
to the resources and relationships needed to implement, monitor, and grow peer-to-peer
campaigns online. Seminars and case studies will provide attendees with concrete insights
and takeaways, showcasing best practices on a wide array of relevant topics, including:
• Insight Into the Latest, High Profile Viral Marketing Campaigns
• Resource Review of Low-Cost and Free Social Media Tools
• Monitoring and Optimizing the Impact of your Campaigns
• Social Email Campaigns: What Works and What Doesn’t
• Tweets that Travel: The Essential Skill of Viral Writing
• Using Social Media for Lobbying and Advocacy
• Selling Social Media to your Executive Director
• Identifying and Connecting with Influencers
• Maximizing your Facebook Presence
• Fundraising with Social Media
Curated and MCed by Darian Rodriguez Heyman, the former Executive Director of
Craigslist Foundation and Editor of Nonprofit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide
for Leaders and Professionals, these events will help attendees better grasp the challenges and
opportunities this new landscape presents for nonprofits and causes.
Registration for the full-day conferences will be $95, and will include admission to the book
release party that follows. Coffee, tea, and lunch will be provided during the day, and drinks
and hors d’oeuvres will be served at the party. We expect an audience of 250-350 nonprofit
professionals for each conference and 250-500 for the evening programs.
NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network ( is providing fiscal sponsorship
of the program and will receive a portion of the proceeds. The series will be promoted by a
variety of partner organizations and media sponsors, as well as through social media and
nonprofit blogs. To date we have confirmed The Chronicle of Philanthropy,,
YNPN, Taproot Foundation, Network for Good, Humanity in Action, RSF Social Finance,
Echoing Green, WiserEarth, and Ashoka’s YouthVenture.
Social Media for Nonprofits is currently planning eight dates across six cities along the following
2011 timeline:
• San Francisco, CA: May 3
• New York City, NY: May 10/11
• Washington, DC: June 7/8
• Chicago, IL: June 21/22
• Atlanta, GA: July 12/13
• Los Angeles, CA: July 19/20
• San Francisco, CA: Oct. 4/5
• New York City, NY: Nov. 8/9
If you are interested in learning more or supporting Social Media for Nonprofits, please contact
Darian Rodriguez Heyman at (415) 637-5062 or