Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Book Club is over

I knew it had been far too long since I posted, but had no real idea that my last entry was April 1. Sorry.

Much has happened between then and now for me, as I'm sure it has for you. Professionally, I've traveled to 12 states, given presentations on Generations and Nonprofit Stewardship, and met some amazing people. One trip was particularly fun: a return to New Orleans, where I went to grad school. Sad, amazing, wonderful and awful all wrapped up in a two day package.

Yesterday was the final set of calls for the book clubs that I've been facilitating since 2004. Budget cuts have caused the cutback, and while I am sad to lose both the conversations each month and the impetus to get my reading done, I certainly understand the sponsoring organization's prioritization. A good four years, for sure.

And now, I get to read more of what I choose!

And, in book news, the update of Mission-Based Management is underway. I sent my suggestions for improvement off to Wiley last week, and their editorial board meets soon to (I hope) approve the third edition. SO much has changed since I wrote the second edition in 2000. Should be fun work.

Tomorrow, I head to New Hampshire for a family week, and will do my best to post more regularly, starting with a list of what I think should be on every nonprofit staff and board's reading list.