Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great attitudes during tough times....

I had a wonderful day with a group of nonprofits from Sarasota, sponsored by the Community Foundation of Sarasota (and a shout out to all the staff for making my day so easy). What a great group of nonprofit staff and board. Nonprofits in Florida are facing very very tough times, and so the topic of the day "Mission-Based Management in Difficult Financial Times" drew a crowd: the room was packed.

You might expect a lot of doom and gloom in a room like that, but people were upbeat, attentive and appreciative to the nth degree. Very inspiring, but then rooms of nonprofit staff always are to me.

I go back in December to talk about "Social Entrepreneurship" and in February to talk on "Generation Change in Nonprofits". I'm looking forward to both trips.


Anonymous said...

Tough times seems to be a common theme these days. Our organization is experiencing a similar status and it is interesting to watch how all respond to "tough times". I go up and down on the continuum. I remind myself that when I am going through the stress of things, that I will feel differently the next day. Things are what they are and I try to maintain the perspective that it is how I respond to those external things that will make the difference.

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