Saturday, March 01, 2008

Reaching 60

No, not 60 years of age...but that'll come soon enough.

The 60 I'm referring to is 60 countries. My Mission-Based Management Newsletter is now read in at least 60 countries on six continents. (I used to have a subscriber in Antarctica, but her grant finished up and she returned to the US.)

When I say "at least" it's because I could have more...subscribers just have to give me their email address to get the newsletter each month, and with @gmail addresses proliferating, who knows? My subscriber base has grown a lot the last two years, and if current trends continue, I'll go over 2,000 subscribers this month or next.

My newsletter comes out once a month and covers a single topic each month. You can look at prior single topic issues as well.

Check out the current issue here. If you want to subscribe, just send me an email to subscribe@missionbased. com

If you do, you'll know you're reading something that nearly 2,000 other nonprofit professionals and volunteers are reading all over the world!

How cool is that? Join us!


Firozali A. Mulla MBA PhD said...

In 40s we expected our life span to be 35 , 40 or 50, then we revised this to 60 hen to 70s now we are in 80 and some are 100 passing 120.itis very difficult to see how we live in the rat race and so long when life is becoming expensive. I guess it is the youths who drive us crazy and we venture out to beat them at their game. Otherwise I see no magic elixir or sliver pill

I thank you
Firozali A Mulla MBA PhD
P.O.Box 6044
East Africa

lotto said...

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