Monday, March 03, 2008

Is generation change expensive?

In my talks on Generations, people seem most concerned about inter-generational conflict and executive transition. No one really seems to focus on the cost of this transition. At least I don't get questions about financial implications.

I think that partly this is because we feel we can do something about exec transition, and inter-generational conflict gets our attention since it drives us nuts. But money? We'll deal with that later.

That's a mistake. Things like attending to retirement costs of staff over 55, figuring out flexible benefits for younger staff, deciding how wrestle with health care costs for older staff who stay on into their 70's....all of these things are cheaper if done sooner.

Of course, there are lots of financial implications, both related to income and expense, and I talk about them in the current issue of the Mission-Based Management Newsletter. The topic this month is Generation Change and Finance.

Check it out...and sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

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pcsolotto said...

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