Thursday, May 10, 2007

First Reactions....

With any new book, there's a natural delay between its publication and people wanting me to speak about the topic. For a couple of books, this was as long as 9-12 months-by the time people get the book, read it and are planning their next conference.

This time, I tried to be smarter. Knowing that Generations was coming out in March, in November I emailed about 40 organizations around the country who have sponsored me in the past letting them know about the book, and showing them an outline of the training.

It worked. If you go to my current bookings on my training schedule, you'll see that the topic dominates.

And yesterday I had the fun of presenting the issue before the first big audience in Cincinnati. Barnes Dennig sponsors a Nonprofit Day each May, and I've been privileged to speak at the session three times. Yesterday we had just over 200 people, and the reaction to the topic was really good. Lots of "Thanks, I have a ton of work to do!", or "Wow, I didn't know this issue was this big!"

My favorite was a woman who walked up to me at the break after the session with her eyes wide, and just said "Oh. My. GOD!" and walked away.

In associated news, my newsletter this month is on Generation Change and the People You Serve

So, one down, two more next week!

And, thanks to everyone in Cincinnati. You were terrific.

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