Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Training games

We all know that online education is an increasingly viable option, particularly for nonprofits with staff who want to expand their knowledge at the same time that the budget does not support travel expenses. And, as our workers skew younger and younger, more of them will be comfortable getting their primary sources of information off a computer screen.

Here's another coming thing: iPod training. Again, I suspect that most readers know that information on podcasts can be useful. Listening to an mp3 file either through a player or your car radio is increasingly common, and a good use of time and tech. And, video on the net is also increasingly available as more and more individuals and organizations have access to broadband connections.

But last week, I saw a very innovative use of this technology: food preparation training via video iPod. Think: "How do I put together the XYZ specialty salad?" if you are a worker at a local bistro. No problem. Pop in your earbuds and boot up the iPod and there is the demo. Right there, right now. No need for a computer in the kitchen.

Very cool stuff. One that works with younger workers, prevents mistakes, and reinforces person-to-person training. I can see this being used in hospitals, for workers filling out complex forms, for volunteers who help intermittently in many nonprofit environments.

A great example of using tech well, not extravagantly.

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