Sunday, September 25, 2005

Podcast and other tech news

Just some Sunday morning ramblings about tech..

First, I really like A9. I've posted about it before, but what a great search engine. Allows so much specificity, even searches research, blogs, etc. Nice tool.

Second, I have been invited to be on a podcast for a management podcast show....check it out

We're working on a "taping" date, and I'll post about the release when I know.

I've been spending much of the weekend tuning up our home computers and my old laptop, now a ductaped email/browsing/IM machine. Amazes me how much crap gets saved (one computer had 3500 tmp files or files with no content) by lazy programmers who don't bother to have their installation remove the temp files they create.

But also a good reminder to all of us to maintain our machines regularly. Not just backing up, but cleaning out the registry, cleaning out junk, clearing non-functioning bookmarks, and, of course, the big dog--defragging the hard drive.

You'll get more out of your machines, cut boot time, and the hard drive will last longer.....

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