Monday, September 26, 2005

Back at Kellogg

First class of the new semester here at Kellogg, teaching Nonprofit Management to MBA students. Tonight my co-professor and I will start with a debate on key issues in the sector, and then move into raising tough questions with our students.

I love this part of my life. It's the most fun thing I do professionally, and very rewarding. I'm looking forward to the interaction with the students, and to their final paper, which is to evaluate the efficiency of two international NGO's who responded to the tsunami.

More tomorrow on what challenges the students threw out to us. They are so smart they scare me, sometimes.

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James said...

What suggestions do you have for differentiating between governance and micro-management - and who determines where and how the lines are drawn? The administrator suggests monthly financial statements for a Board that meets monthly and oversees a charter high school and junior high school are an attempt by the Board to micro-manage. My take is a board has an obligation to micro-manage if neccessary to insure compliance with state and feeral regulations and protect the public interest.