Thursday, March 18, 2010

Charity at the Ballpark?

I'm off to Spring Training in Florida with my son, Adam this weekend. Adam (now 24) and I had a 15 year quest to see the Atlanta Braves (his team) play in every National League Stadium by the time he graduated from college--which we successfully accomplished. Much fun, and some great father-son moments. We've never been to Spring Training, and we'll see two games in Orlando this weekend.

My point? I was talking to Adam recently about how many musicians offer space to charities at their concert venues and then urge their listeners to donate time or money to that charity during the concert. It's a great connection to the community, and a good role model.

So where are the similar charity tables at pro sports arenas? I can't think of one place Adam and I went where one or more nonprofits was providing information, or handing out schwag, or taking donations.

I know many athletes do great things in their communities with nonprofits, and that most sports teams provide some donations, but why not this free, very visible way of supporting the nonprofit community?

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