Friday, February 05, 2010

Tech "fun", conference fun.

I've been dealing with tech crap for the past few days and have thus been too busy to post-my laptop power source died, so after tearing it apart and finding that there was not, as advertised, an easy, plug in fix, I reassembled the computer and took it to ship to be repaired.
Then, my Carbonite backup was, to put it mildly, poor. So, I'm using a variety of workarounds.

That, however, is my problem, not yours.

I just came back from New Orleans, at a conference for organizations that work with people with disabilities and had a refreshing experience: I spoke on the topic of how to grow your nonprofit, which was a fun change from repeatedly telling people how to deal with the recession and cutbacks. Most of these nonprofits are associated with NISH, who I do a ton of training for, and I know lots of them, so it was great to see many familiar faces in the crowd. And, New Orleans is always fun.

More later--I'm snowed in again this weekend.

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