Monday, March 02, 2009

Are you Visible and Transparent?

In tough times, more and more nonprofits are trying to raise funds from new sources, from old sources, from any sources. And, since so many people are in "wait and see" mode, your organization has to remain visible to them day in and day out. That way, when the do decide to get back into donation mode, you'll be top of mind.

Of course, when any donor looks at you, you want to have nothing to hide. You need to be as transparent as possible....letting people see you fully, and in the best possible light. It's kind of like having company--you want people over to your house, but you also want to straighten up a bit before they arrive.

This month's Mission-Based Management Newsletter is about Visibility and Transparency. Take a look for some ideas.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about the Leadership Checklist in the fifth installment of our series on What to do Now?"


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