Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Get on(line) with it....and getting back into it.

The Wall Street Journal has a great story (and a good listing of resources) on younger adults working online to help charities raise their visibility, market, and raise funds in a variety of interesting and innovative ways. Whether through their blogs, or on MySpace or FaceBook, these young philanthropists are making a difference.

"A New Generation Reinvents Philanthropy" is worth the read.

As an aside, my extended absence should be pretty much done. We're over the worst of our moving chaos, and more and more of our new home is appearing as the piles of boxes are opened, emptied, and the boxes thrown out.

I actually got to answer some email last night with a degree of thoughtfulness. My mind had been so full of "gotta do this, and this, and this, and then that..." in an endless chain of priorities that I hadn't been able to sit quietly and think clearly; my mind would go right back to my "To-Do" list in about 4 seconds. Made me reminisce (not happily) about my days as an Exec of a nonprofit whose entire funding had been eliminated.....so much to do I couldn't focus well. Not a good feeling.

Anyway, more postings soon. I'm starting the guts of a really fun project on generation change for a mid-size city in the Midwest, and in about two weeks, I'm back on the road for the first of about 20 different speeches during September, October and November.

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