Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sad, but true

All of us with email accounts get a certain amount of spam, no matter how good our ISP's or organization's filters are. Some of it is just stupid, some of it is just....inappropriate. And, all of us know that there are lots of places online that minors should not tread.

So what do you do about content filtering if your nonprofit allows net access as part of its work? How can you keep minors (and others who might be offended) from coming eyes to screen with stuff they don't want to (or need to) see?

Techsoup to the rescue, yet again. In a two part series on Content Filtering, they lay out the issue and talk about the best fixes. Check out part one and part two, which is a FAQ.

Also, pay attention to your domain name registration. If it expires, even for 24 hours, it can be scooped up by a porn site and then imagine what your donors will think of you....I've heard this scenario three times in the past year, so double check the expiration date, and even pay the registration fee early--and for the longest period you can buy.

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